Wand- Dragonclaw








Origins-  The Fields of Ashgoth

Ashgoth, a caustic dreadful place, nearly uninhabitable because of rich sulfur in the air. Blue sulfur ash covers nearly every in of this land, only a few plants are strong enouph to grow. Woodrow needed a bit of a hemmit root for a tonic, only found of the flat fields of Ashgoth.. While journeying though the land  he stumbled on this Material. It seems to resemble the texture of dragon skin. thus, this new wand was born with the name, dragonclaw. May it serve the caster well.

Wand- Dirtvein







Origin- The Warm Lands

One of Woodrow’s person favorites, harvested himself from the innards of a Warm Lands tree. The trees in the Warm Lands have veins of sorts, that course dirt thought their tree bodies, very peculiar indeed.  The purpose of this process is still unknown, perhaps the owner of this wand will gain insights on this complex occurrence.


Wand- Witchfinger







Origin – The Lurking Swamp

Crooked and warped, held by the witch of the lurking swamps, Hermil. A misunderstood conjurer, though thought to be peaceful at heart. The wand has a crack at the base, from water damage. It was found floating near the skeleton of Hermil . She rather like a dip in the swamp, it seems the swamp decided to prolong her submersion, indefinitely. Woodrow made sure no evil dwells within the wand, a reset of sorts conducted on this wand by Woodrow himself.

Wand – Elmeye




Origin- The Sleepy Forrest

History-  Rumor has it it was once help by Reldock the mischievous, before his untimely disappearance. A lost wand calls the maker, and so it has returned to Woodrow’s shop. May the next caster be more wise with its use.