Ocean In Need

Water,  the gateway to life on the planet, and the universe.  The universal solvent, the giver of life;  we cannot live without its presence.  Yet  many of us do not know of the war that is being waged upon it. From the water in the air, to the water underground,  pure water is being contaminated. Many do not see water as a right, but rather a ‘ privatized commodity’ to be sold for profit; a derivative of the market,  something you can own. But how can one own something that residences in all of us? How can one purchase something, that moves beyond their control or grasp? Waters fate lies not just in the hands of looming capitalists, but also in the hands of normal citizens.  Every wrapper, caustic chemical, and every bag of garbage; effects our water. When we poison the earth, we poison ourselves.

Great Pacific garbage patch

In the North Pacific ocean, a  patch of garbage the size of  Texas has been accumulating for some time.

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“You can think of these plastic bits,  as poison pills.”- Capt. Charles Moore


 The cost of convenience.


Our lifestyle will dictate our future.

Well, someone has to be working on this, right?

This question is assumed by many in this world, in more ways then one. Rather then make a change its easier to assume that someone smarter and wiser is at work to solve our problems. Someone who will save us from our perpetual habits.  Could this person be you or I? By shying away from the situation are we unintentionally part of the problem?

Nineteen-year-old Boyan Slathas has come up with an idea on how to help with this issue. He has developed a prototype, that he believes can clean up the ocean within 5 years. Not only could this save the ocean, but the plastic collected can be sold for a great profit.  In a world run on greed, we must make conservation profitable.









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