Permaculture.  What is that you may ask? Permaculture is a mash up of many topics and ideas. To some it is a hobby, to some a practice, and some live it. But, what is it? Permaculture is a book of things we once knew as a society. Permaculture is not just farming, nor is it just gardening. Permaculture is a way to see things, a desire to work with what is already present.  It is creating natural patters that work with nature rather then against it.

Where to being the Permaculture path

Like with many things there are two types of “doers”. Those who read or watch, and those who jump right in; both are great ways of starting permaculture. Whether you have a green thumb or not, agriculture is something we all have genetic predisposition to. While this may be true, we have recently though modern farming techniques , forgotten how to use the land in a symbiotic way. We are heavily reliant on cheap fossil fuels and chemical fertilizers to supply our robust economy and appetite. Although this has given us many advantages such as increase yields, increased free time, and “control” over pest; what long term price will we have to pay to maintain this way to life?

Literature and resources  to get  started

Introduction to Permaculture – By Bill Mollison Permaculture

This book is a great starter book! It is filled with allot of great sketches and picture that are sure to help you become inspired. It covers topics such as site design, “eoc” structures, food forests, homesteading, water collection and many more.  The sections are broken down into effective and easy to understand topics, without too much over elaboration. The pictures (see below 6.4)  are effective and clear and give practical insight on design and implication.


If your like me and you enjoy videos rather then text, then this is for you.

Permaculture design course

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