With intention of being remember after their death, a person constructed a large sky scraper made of iron and steel. Another person with similar intentions planted hundreds of trees, in the same time it took to build the sky scraper. The day after the sky scraper was finished, its beauty slowly started to tarnish and fade with each passing day. However, each day the building faded into decay, the trees became stronger, more robust. Within 100 years the skyscraper was repaired and touched up numerous times, eventually being torn down for safety concerns. Within the same time span, many of the trees grew to over 100 feet and their limbs stretched for acres in all directions, each day growing larger and more resilient. 200 years past and the memory of the sky scarper was lost and the person who constructed it was also a distant memory. Although, the forest that was planted was providing refuge for humans and animals alike; It provided food, it provided oxygen. The memory of the person who planted the tress lives on in spirit of the forest. Their voice can be heard in the form of the birds chirping, the frogs croaking and the wind whistling through the branches.



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