The Dance

In a attempt to store food for the winter, a squirrel buries a nut in the soil and covers it discreetly. He runs off and later forgets where he hid the nut; a tree grows shortly after. The groundhog burrows though compacted soil on his way to find roots to eat, loosening the soil for the squirrel to bury his nut in. A cow grazes in the field and defecates, improving the soils fertility and tilling the surface of the soil as it walks. A bird flies bye and drops a seed on the soil that was tilled by the cow, and plants a beautiful flower that the cow grazes on. The worm wiggles though the cow patty making it into soil; the bird flies down and eats the worm. We could say that each animals is doing their own work on their own accord, but from the perspective of the divine mind behind nature, the work is all being done for her, without the animals knowing. What is your work, your contribution to the constant cycle of death and rebirth? What part do humans have to play in this symbiotic dance?



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