What Makes A Man

Its hard to tell for certain, what makes a man these days and how to live a life that dictates masculinity; there is no doubt that many times a man cannot be true, to all the things he feels inside that fit his point of view. The struggle to be strong and tough can penetrate the mind, and give him so much anger to run and hide behind, and place a mask of fear and hate to cover up the love, that halts his life’s progression and the life that hes dreamed of. So many men live lives alone stuck deep within their head, with a constant stream all of the things that they should of said, a pestering remembrance of a life they could have led, that keeps them up at night and fills their days with dread. And many men will take this state of mind into the grave, and gravitate to social norms suppressing what they crave and listen to the men of past on how they should behave, instead of living on a path that they themselves have paved. And one day we may redefine the ideal of a man, replacing fists of anger, with loving open hands and correlate compassion with masculinity, to reconstruct his action into true divinity.


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