Help Yourself By Helping Others

I woke today with worries on my mind, with pain in my heart. The feeling that the world was slipping away, and thoughts of being left behind as others move ahead. Not being where I wanted to be in this stage in my life. Feeling like all that I have been working towards has become useless for the path I want to pave for myself. After I started my cheering up process, and began to become mindful of the thoughts that dwelled deep within my subconscious, the burden felt slightly lifted. Not until I spoke to a friend did this burden lift almost completely. Its strange how talking to others about their problems, helps you forget about yours for a moment, or helps you to realized that everyone is struggling with their own existential crisis to some degree or another. Whether their pain lies in fears of death, health concerns, in a relationship issue or monetary worries. It puts things into perspective when you hear the burdens of others, not listening to compare or make yourself feel better about your situation because someone has it worse. Listening with compassion, understanding that you may be able to be the lifting force for another, even when you feel as though you lye helpless at the bottom of a chasm and need lifting up yourself. Too many pains in life are unspoken out of fear of burdening others with such ‘negative thoughts’. Emotions held in because of a viewpoint that discussing problems with others makes you a pessimist or cynical. But to only see the positive in life, is to pretend that each one of us does not feel the same pain, stratified and classified in different situation and circumstances. My pain is your pain, and through this understanding we lift one another up. Pain is not meant to be bottled up like a fine wine waiting to mature. Pain will not get better if kept contained , it will fester within the mind and spoil the soul. We all have our days in which we feel like we have no one to turn to, where we feel lost without a heading. You may not have answers or advice for those who come seeking for the right direction to take in life, but you can help to relieve the burden that weighs on the weary mind that has lost its way. If by nothing else then lending an ear of understanding and compassion. ‘We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another’. ~Luciano de Crescenzo

Thanks for taking the time to see the world through my eyes,



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