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Hello, my name is Joe. I am very interested in finding ways of preserving and improving nature, and the world. This passion has followed me throughout most of my life. I am fascinated with the complexity of nature and the intelligence that lies behind it. Its willingness to take the path of least resistance, its patience to complete its task. A perpetual balance of birth and decay that allows life to flourish. A pattern of precise rations, that gives inspiration to many ecological advancements. A willingness to be, to thrive.

I have always been inquisitive, even from a very young age. I spent many hours pondering life and how things work. As I get older I realize more and more how nature is intertwined on every level. How treating our planet like a inexhaustible resource is arrogant and dangerous. How our disconnected lifestyles will lead to our demise. 

I enjoy learning about many ecological topics such farming, gardening, building “green” structures, conservation, ect. I am also interested in crafting things out of natural materials and supplies.  My objectives for this webpage are to share information and ideas I have discovered with you. Also, to share the beauty of the earth with all of you, as well as supply hand crafted products to purchase.

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